Dr. C. K. Stephen founder of the Chazhikattu Hospital believed in lending a helping hand to the weaker sections of the society in their hour of need. To continue his legacy, the Chazhikattu Charitalbe Trust was formed in 2009.

In addition to free and subsidised medical treatment for deserving patients, the hospital organises medical camps for the rural poor. Through its philanthropic activities Chazhikattu Hospital continues to touch the lives of many.

It is a fact that modern medical care is highly demanding and requires well trained professionals and technologists. Cost of the above are very high and many of the higher end activities are not affordable to the majority. An already functioning Chazhikattu Charitable Trust (CCT) is offering help to the needy. Contributions to the CCT are encouraged from the well-wishers. NGO’s are invited both from national and international level towards this humanitarian help. Our founder’s dream of a hospital where care and services are given promptly and effectively without looking at the wallet of the receiver could to a great extend be achieved by this.