CHPL traces its heritage to the practice of a pioneer doctor Dr C K Stephen who set up his practice in Thodupuzha (a remote village in the tribal district of Idukki in South India) with the establishment of Excelsior Clinic in 1933.He was a graduate of the Stanley Medical school Madras and was eager to offer his professional services to the people of his home town and surrounding villages. Being from a similar background he was aware of the financial constrains of the patient population he catered to. He made sure his services were affordable and at times free of cost to the needy.

Through the tireless effort by Dr C K Stephen, the clinics reputation grew and in 1956 the 30 bedded excelsior nursing home was established .It provided mainly medical and maternity services.

In 1971 Dr C K Stephens son Dr C S Stephen joined the nursing home and soon earned the reputation as a skilled clinician and preferred family doctor. Following the demise of Dr C K Stephen in 1976 His eldest son Dr Joseph Stephen FRCS,who was a practicing surgeon in UK returned to join his brother to fulfill their father’s long cherished dream of setting up a hospital along the lines of The Mayo Clinic Rochester Minnesota, USA.
Inspired by the success story of the mayo brothers who turned their general clinic to a modern multispecialty integrated private hospital with academic and research programmes, the two brothers worked earnestly. As the duos reputation and practice grew, other doctors joined the team.
In 1980 a five storied building with new departments including trauma orthopaedics and obstetrics and gynecology was established. This was supported by basic clinical laboratory and imaging departments.

In 1992 the hospital activities were transferred to the CHPL with a director board comprising the family members.
In 2005 the hospital was shifted to a 10 storied building in 3.5 acres of prime land in the heart of Thodupuzha.
With continued patronage and faith from the people of the locality the founders were encouraged to think of a tertiary care institution and a teaching hospital utilizing the available facilities.
In 2009 the Chazhikattu School of nursing was established. Many of the alumni are already serving as staff on board CHPL .Several of them has found placements within and outside the country.

With adequate infrastructure, continued support from the patient population, adequate manpower from over 20 third generation doctors from within the family, CHPL is surely but slowly in the path of progress.

Presently about 1000 patients visit our hospital on a daily basis including Sundays.