Over the years, the hospital has earned the reputation of being an excellent Trauma Care Center. The fact that the hospital is conveniently located at the heart of Thodupuzha town, just off the Thodupuzha-Pala road has helped this growth and the town is well connected by road to other surrounding towns.

The Emergency Medical Service offers immediate treatment to all emergencies with the highest level of care, round the clock. Our casualty medical officers, trauma surgeons, orthopedicians, general surgeons, plastic surgeon and support staff are highly trained to deal with injuries requiring prompt and advanced trauma care.

The services of a reputed neurosurgeon are available for head injuries, Maxillofacial surgeons also handle facial injuries with expertise. The center offers 24/7 access to modern Operation Theatres requiring imaging and diagnostic tools.


Two dedicated and experienced obstetricians offer outpatient and inpatient services. We have a hygenic and well equipped labour room with all modern amenities and facilities for instrumental deliveries and fetal monitoring. An exclusive delivery suite is also available. Epidural analgesia for pain free delivery is also readily available. This allows for a low rate of Caesarean Sections.


A range of surgeries are performed by experienced doctors for a wide spectrum of gynaecological disorders. The services of a laparoscopic surgeon specialised in laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy are available.


A six member strong orthopaedic team forms the backbone of the trauma team. Experienced orthopaedicians are available round the clock. A range of surgeries including joint replacements, arthroscopy (shoulder and knee), Spine surgeries are performed on a regular basis in addition to varicose fracture fixation. A dedicated physiotherapy department helps in the quick recovery and early rehabilitation of patients.


We have well equipped ICUs with facilities for invasive monitoring and invasive and noninvasive ventilatory support.


The services of experienced anaesthetists are available round the clock for elective and emergency surgeries. The use of USG Guided regional analgesia allow a range of operations to be performed even in high risk patients. Facilities for invasive monitoring and infusion devices for inotropic support are also available. Modern drugs and equipments are used to ensure safe anaesthesia. Painfree recovery facilities for postoperative ventilation and monitoring are available.


The general medicine department offers OP & IP services for a range of medical disorders. A fully fledged medical ICU is available for critically ill patients.


The general surgery department attends to a range of surgical problems including GI malignancies. Laparoscopic surgeries are performed regularly.


The services of a plastic surgeon are available for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Excellent results and patient satisfaction have seen a steady increase in the number of patients for plastic surgery.



Experienced nursing staff who are periodically updated on the latest standards of care giving are available to ensure patient satisfaction.


The services of a dietician are available to counsel the patients and their bystanders on the appropriate diet for their medical condition. This helps to improve their general health and wellbeing.


State of the art ambulances to ensure safe transfer of trauma patients from the site of accidents are available.


We have a well equipped medical laboratory which performs blood and biochemical investigations at reasonable rates round the clock. We use reagents of the best standards and provide timely results.


24 hour availability of
Color Doppler
CT Scan
MRI Scan